Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Air purification service and installation 

According to the EPA, the air quality is worse in your home than outdoors. That’s not surprising, as modern homes are like sealed plastic bags; the more energy efficient a structure is, the less it can “breathe”.  We also spend more time inside our homes these days as many people work from home and then spend their leisure time at home in front of screens. But even if you’re only there to sleep, that adds up to a lot of time to be breathing the air inside your home.

Consider an air purification system to improve the air quality in your home. We offer an array of air cleaner and purifier products designed to help rid your air of unhealthy elements and our experts have the training and experience to ensure your new equipment will be installed properly.

UV Bulb

  • Basic type of air purification
  • Kills germs and mold that form in evaporator coil during off season
  • Budget friendly
  • Bulb needs to be changed every 2 years

In Duct Air Purifier

  • Leaves your home smelling fresh
  • Kills 99% of mold, bacteria, viruses, dust and pollutants
  • Helps keep non refrigerated food last longer 
  • No maintenance or bulb change

Trane Air Effects Whole House Filtration and Purifier

  • Removes 99.8% of allergens
  • Removes 99% of covid particles within 30 mins
  • Removes particles down to .1 micron in size
  • 100 times more effective than 1″ filter
  • Washable filters 

Humidifier service and installation 

Air with low humidity makes you feel cooler, so this may cause you to turn up your heat in the winter to maintain your comfort level. However, as your heat goes up, it continues to pull moisture out of your air. And over time, dry air increases susceptibility to sore throats, nosebleeds, colds, and the flu.

Consider a whole-home humidifier which will automatically adapt to the changing air environment in your home. A whole-home humidifier will enable you to maintain the humidity level necessary for a comfortable winter. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you can dial back your thermostat and save more energy dollars.

3 types of whole house humidifiers

Bypass Humidifier

  • Usually used on smaller systems
  • Uses the pressure in the HVAC system to push humidity throughout the ductwork
  • No electric needed
  • Uses 100% of the water going into it
  • Water panel gets changed twice a year

Fan Powered Humidifier

  • Uses a fan to push the moisture through the ductwork
  • Used on most applications
  • Most efficient humidifier for all size systems
  • Water panel gets changed once a year

Steam Humidifier

  • Used in applications that don’t have room to mount on the supply or return ductwork
  • Best type of humidification
  • Self-cleaning (no water panels to change)
  • Can be mounted on any wall or duct within 6 ft of the system

Thermostat Replacement

Replacing your old thermostat alone can save up to 15% on your energy bills. All new WiFi thermostats come with Geofencing which allows the thermostat to automatically turn your system to eco mode saving you money while you’re not home. Wifi capable thermostats also allow you to control the temperature anywhere around the world and will help ensure your HVAC system is running at peak performance all year round.

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